Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · July 3, 2008

    Leven RambinLeven Rambin is recording. 11 hours ago


    Peter DavisPeter Davis is going to see Hancock - don't ask me why. Ask my friends. It's their hair-brain idea. 2 hours ago -

     James Cruickshank is in the hamptons then going to Antik then going back to the Lamptons to rest for JULY 4 POOLPARTY. 6 hours ago

    Kerry CassidyKerry ? Cassidy is loving Chanel Resort 2009! and guest of a guest! xx. Updated via Facebook Mobile 14 hours ago

    - Kelly WillKelly Will is a Midwest Girl (whose Chris Meloni pin was stolen by a crazed fan) again...it's good to be home. Updated via Facebook Mobile 16 hours ago

    Brittany MendenhallBrittany Mendenhall is going to see Blood St. tonight at Mercury Lounge... look for coverage on ChiChi212.com and GuestofaGuest.com. 7 hours ago

    Scott BuccheitScott Buccheit is welcoming diego home, hosting angels and kings and celebrating francesco's birthday, and then leaving for LA in the morning! 13 hours ago

    Michael JamesMichael James is doing Spotlight Live tonight 9:30pm (afterparty at Pink Elephant 11:30pm-4am). 4 hours ago


    Paul Johnson CalderonPaul Johnson Calderon is "I'm here with Mr. Cluck-Cluck and my new friend, Wafufi & they're helping me in an effort to spread vegetarianism in 3rd world countries." 4 hours ago

    Eric SpearEric Spear cant wait for Angels and Kings Tonight!!!!!!!!!! 8 hours ago


    Rich Thomas, MarqueeRichard D. Thomas is scared the neo-cons will have their way and we'll be fighting 3 wars instead of only 2. :-(. 5 hours ago