Facebook Status Report Roundup And Twitterific Tweets, Weekend Edition

by Rachelle Hruska · March 23, 2009

    Kashmir Snowdon-Jones is still in LA. Updated via Facebook Mobile about an hour ago


    @ByrdieBell But then again who am I to judge? I was smoking a capri listening to Snow Patrol on my ipod... thinking about... well Twitter. 27 minutes ago from web

    Steve Lewis yikes! im actually djing tonight. the rumors of the cancelation seem to have been greatly exaggerated. 11-1 am southside....the guy after me is good! about an hour ago

    Nur Khan is putting together more live gigs for his Rose Bar Sessions... 2 hours ago


    @AdrienField The Gawker post is patently untrue. That intern ad was NOT written by either Alexandra or me. about 5 hours ago from web

    More status updates below....

    @MarthaStewart I honestly do not know how to reply to individuals on twitter and i actually don't have that much time even though i would like to about 7 hours ago from web

    @cwalken An associate told me that he'd been cheating on his wife. He asked me not to talk about it and I probably won't. Unless it comes up somehow. about 8 hours ago from web

    Jesse Oxfeld received two Sunday Styles, two City sections, no Week in Review. The Times has confused me with a vacuous person. 10 hours ago

    @SenJohnMcCain met a guy on the street in Brussels who is a follower, international twitter! about 16 hours ago from web


    Patrick McMullan How about that darn economy. I just havent heard enough about it have you? on Saturday


    @johncmayer 300k followers. That's wild! No Twitter-jitters here. Still going to keep it 80/20 ridiculous/heartfelt. Again, thank you and I'm lucky. 9:33 PM Mar 21st from TwitterBerry

    Eric Spear is getting the Hamps house ready for entertaining! Tulips and Daisies are poppin up!! on Saturday


    @mrskutcher he is such a sneak and while I was steaming his suit too! RT @aplusk: shhh don't tell wifey 2:15 PM Mar 21st from TweetDeck