10 Designer Puffer Coats To Keep You Warm & Chic

There may be no bigger challenge in getting dressed than attempting to remain chic in the deep depths of winter. You dejectedly look at the greyness outside, confirm the inevitable freezing temps on your phone, and start pulling on the thermal underwear. And even if you manage to construct a fabulous outfit (can we please borrow some of that morning energy?), you then manage to backtrack the entire process completely by throwing on the bane of all fashionable winter existence: the puffer coat. People on the street will be wondering if that’s a human or a mutant marshmallow barreling towards them in the blizzard. And that’s the best case scenario, because at least in the blizzard you’ll be somewhat obscured by sheets of snow. But never fear, dears! GofG is here to help you with 10 wonderfully warm puffer options for every budget that still manage to show off your figure AND help you rack in some fashion cred. Where were these when Juno was [not] happening?

[Photo via @le21eme]