Bros. Can we ever truly get inside their heads?

What are they thinking? Why haven't they texted us back? Why the f*ck would they want to wear a romper? In case you missed it, the internet has been taken over by a concept courtesy of Kickstarter called the "RompHim," a WASPy man version of the most uncomfortable trend known to women. Available in a range of pastels (and a special red, white, and blue design for the 4th of July), these tiny, toddler-looking one-pieces come complete with an adjustable waist, front pocket, and zippered fly. At about $95 each, the rompers have already garnered $136,000 - way above the original $10K goal. 

While we're all about riveting new fashions, we do have a few questions before we can commit to this idea.

[Photo via @originalromphim]