A Little Lunchtime Charity

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · July 9, 2008

    scott with kids

    We are involved with many charities on many different levels, but our favorite charities are those that benefit children. So we were thrilled when we were invited by our friend Romey Louangvilay to a birthday party to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem. The birthday girl is the ambassador of Maggie Moo's Ice Cream and she had a surprise for the girls from the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem. She treated the girls to a day of manicures, pedicures and pampering at Eva Scrivo"s Spa, in the red hot Bond Street Area.

    More story and photos below:

    They brought the girls in limos, provided by Carey Limousine, and each girl took home a gift bag filled with beauty and spa products. The biggest surprise was when Cristian de la Fuente, of Dancing with the Stars, stopped by to meet the girls and share in the birthday cake. We chatted with Cristian, and found out that although he is new to Boy & Girls Club of Harlem he intends to be involved for years to come. Cristian is now living in Los Angeles and was excited to tell us about his new part as a regular on the USA series "In Plain Sight." As Cristian said, "helping a child is like helping a young tree, they can be fixed and nurtured when young, but if you wait until they're old and brittle, it's too late." Our sentiments exactly....

    Cristian de la Fuente Scott Buchheit  Romey Louangvilay, Boys