A Night Of Supermodel Covers

by MIKEL MCCOY · April 24, 2008

    kristian laliberte [Kristian Laliberte gets some action on the Bowery's roofdeck]

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Antwan Duncan

    Magazine issue release parties are usually fun affairs. Add a bunch of models, a patio at the Bowery Hotel and just plain pretty people and suddenly the formula for fun grows exponentially. Last night Vs. Magazine and One Model Management got the equation just so. To celebrate the release of Vs. Magazine's Spring/Summer 08 issue with it's six different covers of supermodels, Iman, Bridget Hall, Leah, Anne V, Linda V, and Liberty Ross. From Cory Kennedy and hipster boys and girls, to Kristian Laliberte and model loving dudes, to models texting and just looking bored …(but whoa do they make bored look really good!) All with a soundtrack provided by Ruff Club's Spencer Product playing what he termed "Ruff Music".

    The patio, and did I mention how exceptional the weather was only added to the fact that model parties are where I kinda want and need to be for like ever…maybe. Throughout the night we asked people just why they came to this affair. Answers varied, but all were obligated. Because of work, or friends had told them to come or this or that. But Kerry Cassidy and I boiled it down to the most absolute answer: This was a hot party, yes and fun time, sure because of models and because Vs. Magazine is a beautiful glossy with pretty pictures, and the drinks flowed freely, but really this party's attendee's were obligated to fabulousness. Period…point blank. Oh and of course we got some fabulous flicks…peep 'em