Abigail Lorick: The Next Big Thing Is HERE

by Rachelle Hruska · August 29, 2008

    abigail lorickAbigail Lorick gave her first interview to us back in October. She, coincidentally, was our first as well:

    We can smell a good thing from miles away, and lately, we’ve been sniffing out newcomer designer Abigail Lorick. Former Ford model and designer for T.S. Dixin, this southern belle is (mark our words) “the next big thing”.

    The NEXT BIG THING is here. Since that interview, Abigail's line has grown from a couple of pieces to a well respected line. She is one of the hottest new designers this fall, both in real life, and on Television. Abigail's line is the "it" line on the "it" TV show Gossip Girl. Her first fashion show was a hit. The one on September 4th proves to be even bigger as the cast from the show is set to attend. Abigail breaks the mold as far as "hot fashion designers" go. She is genuine, pleasant and graceful; always embodying a true "Lorick Lady'.

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