Adrien Field Works The Crowd At "Digital Moda", Brings Social Media And Fashion Together

by Rachelle Hruska · February 18, 2009

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    This week, I've had more than a couple emails along the lines of "Who is this ADRIEN FIELD?"  The "My It Things" guy has been showing up under every fashion week tent, hobnobing with Mary Rambin, interviewing Diana Ross, etc. etc. etc.!  He's not afraid of fur, and is often on the arms of Alexandra Alexis, and last night, he worked the crowd at the Style Coalition's "Digital Moda" event ("where social media meets fashion").  It was an effort to bring together the online fashion publishing world with emerging design talent, and the tech/social media influencers.

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    Among the fashion/media crowd, we saw Michelle Madhok of, Pamela Pekerman & Michelle Finkelshten of; Melanie Notkin of, Mary Rambin, of, Anne Fritz of Jet Set Girls, Style expert Jess Zaino, VH1's Indashio, Sarah Austin of POP17, Caroline McCarthy of CNET and many others who enjoyed meeting designers like Gilles Montezin, Rebecca Minkoff, Sylvia Heisel, June Webers, Kathlin Argiro, Anna Sabino, Tamara Pogosian, Brooklyn Royalty, Kaytee Papusza, Karelle Levy, Anne de Pasquale, and members of the FRP Apparel Group.

    "We were thrilled with the turnout," said Yuli Ziv, founder of MyItThings, one of the founding members of the Style Coalition. "Our mission is to bring fashion and tech together and last night's event successfully did so – everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to mingle directly with the designers and their models and ask questions."