Alexander Wang For Uniqlo

by guestofaguest · May 30, 2008

    uniqloAlexander Wang’s Uniqlo line is out today. I’ve been excited about this line because it’s probably the only chance I’ll have to say, “My dress? Oh, it’s an Alexander Wang.” (Most likely I’ll offer this information regardless of whether I’m asked or not.) While his ready to wear dresses are normally around $650, the Uniqlo line ranges from around $49.50-$69.50.

    Just facing the facts, you’re not going to fool anybody into thinking that the dress is from Saks, but each of the pieces have enough character to still be something different to add to your wardrobe. A word of warning though, every person in the store was walking around with one of the pieces ready to try it on—not unusual when there’s one of these designer lines. However, you can fool yourself into thinking you look extremely original for a night out, but chances are you will see yourself coming more than once.

    Written by Catherine Boswell