Antonio Azzuolo Uses Chuck Bass As His Muse

by guestofaguest · February 5, 2008

    Abigail Lorick is to the girls of Gossip Girl what Antonio Azzuolo is to the guys. The Moment's Jonathan S. Paul felt like he was getting a sneak peak into Chuck Bass' fall wardrobe at the a.a. show in the West Village, "a small collection of skinny tailored suits festooned with fur, boutonnieres and silk scarves". Sounds very Chuck Bass indeed. And, sure enough, after poking further:

    “Do you watch ‘Gossip Girl?’”

    “Oh yes — we went for that kind of character. Very Upper East Side. We were going to get the guys from the show to model but two of them were at the Super Bowl today so it fell though.”

    This line will now no doubt blow up in the next months, hopefully a.a. will compensate journalist Jonathan properly...they first better work on their website.

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