Elle MacPherson Is Cougarlicious!

by J. J. HUNSECKER · February 4, 2008


    [Elle on her Cougarmobile,Vito rides in the backseat (with a helmet)]

    Looks like Elle was aptly named "The Body" and not "The Brain" Macpherson. Old heat is robbing the craddle and dating a 21-year old "art dealer" dilettante Vito Schnabel, son of the infamous "geriatric frathouse designer" and "genius" behind the film that is "Nothing less than the rebirth of cinema", Julian Schnabel. Wonder how pops feels about his spawn stealing from his pool, especially during a time that many could argue is "midlife crisis" territory.

    For Elle, this continues her tradition of low self-esteem moves following her two children out-of-wedlock with Swiss financier Arpad "Arki" Basuun. While "Arki" held the line by picking up again with Uma Thurmon, it seems like Elle might want to recheck herself into Arizona's Meadows Institute for "exhaustion" or one of those other labels used by brain-cell challenged celebrities.....

    On Tuesday, somebody is bestowing a designer of the year award on Elle for her eponymous intimates collection at Cipriani's on 42nd street. Wonder if Mommy will bring Vito in the stroller?

    I don't know what's lamer, Elle and Vito or Sienna Miller and "musician" himbo/RoseBar regular, Jamie Burke?

    [Like A Geriatric Version Of A Frathouse] ["Nothing Less Than The Rebirth Of Cinema"]