I don't know about you, but I am desperate for a faint glimmer of glamour in my life. Any reason to dress up, I'm there. Walking the dog? Heading to the grocery store? Meeting a friend in the park? I have kitten-heeled my way around Greenwich Village all in the attempt of feeling less socially and sartorially stuck.

And though those outdoor moments of dressing up just to dress up have been an incredibly important coping mechanism, let's be real, I'm still spending 96% of my time at home.

Considering we're all in the same boat, I need not preface this introduction with the rhetorical "For those also in need of an at-home pick me up..." So let's get straight to it - Olivia Morris At Home's brilliant collection of house shoes is a quarantine dream.

Handmade in Spain, her slipper styles range from très Marie Antoinette to very Betty Draper, each made with vintage textiles sourced straight from Olivia's personal collection. The perfect comfy shoes to sport chez vous, their 2 centimeter lightweight cork wedge will put a serious pep in your step. Never underestimate the power of a heel, no matter how small!

Click through for a few of the chic slippers we can't stop swooning over.

[Photos via @oliviamorrisathome]