People may be obsessed with what New York's coolest It Girls are wearing out on a Friday night or to brunch the following Saturday afternoon, but we've always been dying to know what they've got going on underneath it all - what they're lounging around their apartment in!

Well, looks like the secret's out! Our favorite babe about town Atlanta de Cadenet has just debuted her new collaboration with Morgan Lane, and these sexy sweet looks are no doubt what every stylish girl will be sporting not only this Valentine's Day, but peeking out of tops in that effortless French way for months to come!

When designer Morgan met Atlanta through a mutual friend in the city, it was a cheeky match made in heaven. The two set out to create a collection that spoke to Atlanta's specific taste, but would translate comfortably for women of every size.

"It was super important to me that it went up to a size E. I usually fluctuate between a DD & an E and I’ve always struggled finding cute lingerie that goes up to a size E! I find that as soon as it goes into the E department it gets a little more mummsy and no shade but I’m 27 and I’m not ready to commit myself to bras like that!" says Atlanta. "Don’t get me wrong I definitely have a few bras that purely hold my girls in place on days where the PMS is a little heavy, but primarily I like to wear fun pieces."

Since launching the capsule, which features 100% un-retouched photos of the natural beauty, Atlanta's taken to social media to share what a special, important celebration of self the project has been. And if you're a woman with a pulse, I highly suggest you read.

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