Bear Stearns Pieces From Their Spring '08 Line Quickly Becoming Most Coveted In Fashion World

by Stanely Stuyvesant · March 28, 2008

    bear stearns fashion

    Last night, fashionistas from all over the city came to mingle around Serge Strosberg's art which provided quite the sophisticated setting for their own personal choice art wear (their outfits of course!) While we saw the usual sartorial pieces of cocktail dresses, hats, and bow ties, it was this dapper little black vest from the Bear Stearn's spring '08 line that was the true hit. We suggest snatching up these puppies now, as the designer has taken a permanent retirement. Their worth will be sure to only appreciate in value in the fiscal years to come.

    UPDATE: What the fall of Bear Stearns means for clubland.

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