Being Shadesters For Mongolian Nomads At Red Sky

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 6, 2009

    [Valeria Tignini, Elizabeth Yannone, Virginia Boyles, Jamie Lynn, Tracey Lisch-Lombardi]

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    To kickoff the July 4th weekend, Elizabeth Yannone and the Sebastian Sevaz project hosted the Mongolian Sunglass Extravaganza at Red Sky bar & lounge on July 2nd. The idea behind the charitable event was that you wear a pair of sunglasses to the party, take a photo in them, then donate them to Yannone at the end of the event. Yannone will then ship all of the sunglasses to Swiss Artist Sebastian Sevaz. Sevaz is scheduled to travel to Mongolia on July 30th, and will distribute all of the donated sunglasses to Mongolian nomads. The goal is to create a website or book that will display people offering a small gift to other people  around the world people who need what they are donating. More pictures of the shadster guests below:

    Elizabeth Yannone

    Valeria Tignini, Elizabeth Yannone

    Jamie Lynn, Valeria Tignini

    Elizabeth Yannone