One-Dress Rehearsal Takes Soho By Storm

by THERESA WON · July 2, 2009

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    Last night, Malcolm Harris (left) unveiled the fruit of his and women all over the world's labors to the public at the One-Dress Rehearsal held at the beautiful Mal Sirrah showroom in Soho.  And what a rewarding night!  The One-Dress project, curated by Mal Sirrah's creative director Malcolm Harris, has already garnered interest from celebrities, including Angelina Jolie. In addition to doing good for your wardrobe, One-Dress has a noble philanthropic side too (how very Angelina of them): A portion of the proceeds from sales of the One-Dress benefit Womankind Worldwide and, charities dedicated to improving the lives of women in developing countries. The dress is available for $225 from the

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    After seeing how amazing the dress looked on the real-life models (among them, our very own editor, Rachelle Hruska, donning one in black), guests showed no hesitation in marching into the boudoir and trying on dresses for themselves.  This dress is truly magical.  Another model, Denise Woods (she in the blue and of the criminally sexy legs), shared her story of how the dress allowed her to reclaim a sense of femininity after surviving breast cancer and reconstructive surgery.  The dress served as an ideal icebreaker as guests complimented each other and admired the various wrapping methods employed by wearers.

    The air was festive and summery while guests mingled with glasses of Macari Summer 2007 Rosé in hand.  At the heart of it all, Harris emphasized the importance of the One-Dress effect on Womankind, the charity dedicated to empowering women in developing countries which proceeds from dress sales will benefit.  Without a doubt, this is only the beginning in what is sure to be a powerful and lasting journey in taking over the world...One-Dress at a time.

    Malcolm with the GofG team

    Rachelle Hruska, Malcolm Harris, Rachel Sterne

    Matthew W. Robinson, Jordan Vazquez