Bend It Like McQueen Soccer Meets High Fashion

by ANISA HASANI · June 19, 2008

    puma plus mcqueen[Photo via Revolve Clothing]

    ...The result? No, it is not Mr. Becks and his Posh Spice wife. This time around it is Puma and Alexander McQueen making headlines. Certainly not Puma’s first collaboration, ManCat (icon by Nick Knight and McQueen) has fused together a visually compelling line appropriate for the summer of ’08 with intricate craft-ship that juxtaposes the contemporary with the sophisticated. Get ready to walk around in style that has been derived from the human anatomy, particularly the foot.

    With emphasis on the toe print and muscular structure, these feet-huggers are scoring high in our books. Made with velcro ankle strap, patent leather, and imprints of the foot, how could they not? Available at the combo footwear for men and women, are a lesson for your feet and you get to walk in Alexander McQueen’s shoes for more than one day. Goal!