What does it cost?

So, how does the Bloomingdale's subscription work, exactly? Well, for $149 a month, you can rent 4 items at a time. Though, like many other services, you can send the items back and receive new products whenever you’d like, with My List you have to send everything back at once (unless you’re purchasing something) in order to get a new shipment. Which I'm not going to lie, is a little bit of a bummer for someone who likes to make the absolute most out of their subscription. In my opinion, the most you’d be able to rent in a month would be 8 items (2 shipments). 

Once you receive your shipment you have the option to purchase the items at a discounted rate. This would normally be very cool, but in my deep dives, I noticed that sometimes those pieces are actually less expensive on the Bloomingdale's website. They don’t currently offer price matching (even for their own site), which was definitely disappointing as I was very interested in buying a handful of items.

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