Brooklyn Fashion Week(end)


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    The first Brooklyn Fashion Week debuted this weekend, with fashion shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday's show featured Fall '09 looks from Project Runway's Terri Stevens, Duroseau Couture, Fuseik and Sachika, while Saturday's show included Khalil, Gloria Lee, and Osun Designs (we missed Sunday for Bunny-time).

    More story and photos below... Each night, everyone headed over to Hello Brooklyn to party, meet the designers, the models, and the performers. Friday's launch party was sponsored by Scallywag & Vagabond and Jamrock, with drinks courtesy of Heavywater Vodka and Le Tourment Absenthe, and a photobooth provided by Nicholas Fahey of Glitterati magazine.  Guests at the launch (like Simon and Alex from Real Housewives) grooved to awesome performances from Electric Black (well, for a little while, until the band got unruly, and had their mikes cut off - rock'n'roll!), Alexandra Alexis, and Andrew Andrew.

    Alex McCord, Simon Van Kempen, Alexandra Alexis