Calvin Courting Controversy (Again!)

by NATASHA STORER · June 1, 2010

    Calvin Klein the purveyor of controversial advertisements has done it again - but has he finally stepped over the line with his new sexy ads? ADVERT HERE


    Never one to shy away from controversy and knowing the key advertising mantra that "sex sells" Klein's first foray into the advertising arm of fashion, was indeed controversial, but, also made him and his young model into household names.

    The ads first shown in 1980, featured a 15-year-old Brooke Shields seductively suggesting that "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins." The resulting campaign catapulted Klein into the super-designer-sphere, which led him to taking over the reigns from 70's designer dujour Halston, as the ultimate American designer.

    In the early 90's Klein was blamed for the onslaught of Waif culture by casting then relatively unknown Kate Moss in child-like, topless advertisements with Mark Wahlberg - back in his gun show/pec show/crotch show Marky Mark days.

    Being accused of promoting everything from "heroin chic" (1993), "gender-bending" (CK One, Women's boxers), "kiddie-porn" (1995 and 1999), "coke-whoreism" (2005- Klein being one of the first to re-hire Kate Moss after her cocaine scandal) and "threesomes" (2009), Klein continues to actively seek controversial advertisements and knows even if his adverts are pulled, the resulting publicity pays for itself.

    His newest campaign for Calvin Klein "X" underwear shows four hot young men teasingly pulling at their tightie-whities asking a range of vulgar questions to the viewing audience. The offending (but oh so obvious) expletives are bleeped out with an "X".

    A diverse collection of hot young men were used for the shoot: Fernando Verdasco, the Spanish tennis player, Hidetoshi Nakata, the retired Japanese soccer player, along with Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz and Mechad Brook from True Blood.

    Each of the seksi men coo  "Do you want to see my BLEEP" "Do you want to BLEEP", it's enough to get any hot-blooded female very hot under the collar and with an expletive head count up there with a body count of a Tarantino flick, the ad ends with “You want some f------ more?”... others may disagree, but we answer, YES PLEASE!

    Note to all: don't be watching this on the work computer folks!

    Brooke Shields and her Calvin Kleins (sans underwear apparently, eww) Marky Mark and Kate Moss A 27-story billboard (CK's largest to date) of Djimon Honsou overlooks Hong Kong Harbour