Sucks To Be A Sailor During Fleet Week!

by Chiara Atik · May 26, 2010

    If the abundance of sailors in Times Square (or rather, the gaggles of giggling girls trailing behind them) weren't enough to tip you off, it's Fleet Week once again. Ten ships are docked in NYC for the week, and the organizers of Fleet Week have set up QUITE an agenda for the boys!-

    Unfortunately, we think they sort of missed the mark a little bit.

    The whole thing reminds me uncomfortably of Grad Night: organizers (aka PARENTS) don't want kids to be doing want they WANT to be doing (aka drinking and having sex) so they make up an overly busy itinerary of less fun options (aka caricaturist booths! Bowling!)

    Except in this case, the organizers (aka THE MILITARY) don't want the soldiers to do what they WANT to be doing (aka drinking and having sex) so they make up an overly busy itinerary of less fun options (aka The Museum of Biblical Art.)

    Tomorrow afternoon, for example, organizers arranged for a special performances of the one thing Sailors probably miss the least while they're around the world: musical comedy.

    The casts of American Idiot, Promises, Promises, and Lend Me A Tenor will all be performing aboard the intrepid. We personally can't wait to see these guys happily singing along with Sean Hayes.

    Later, the Intrepid will serve as backdrop to something that is probably much more up to the military's speed: a special on-board showing of "Top Gun" on the flight deck. Also, the Empire State Building will be lit up in Red White and Blue. Not bad, not bad...

    But Saturday, it's back to Broadway: The cast of "Wicked" will be performing aboard the Intrepid. Need we remind you, Wicked is a musical conceived for 13 year old girls.

    Things get better on Saturday afternoon, with Tug Of War Competitions between the visiting marines and sailors on the pier, and on Sunday there will be jousting competitions. (People still know how to joust? News to us.)

    And the perks!

    The Museum of Biblical Art is inviting all sailors to visit the museum for FREE, and The Public Theater's Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is offering discounted tickets--just the kind of afternoon a sailor wants when he docks in NYC!

    Have fun Sailors! And don't get too wild!

    Sailors boarding their ship and trying to leave the boring city as fast as they possible can.

    Photos via Flickr: go HERE for the complete Fleet Week Itinerary