Camels In Midtown Make For Just Another Day In NYC...

by SARAH MANDATO · October 30, 2009

    NYC, the city where dogs run on treadmills, socialites get jobs as lowly assistants, and camels can be found walking around the streets of midtown. Everyday you will find only-in-NYC moments, however as the holiday season approaches, the ratio of craziness tends to increase exponentially.  Case in point: the animals arriving at Radio City Music Hall for the nativity scene. Obviously.

    As the humped desert mammals strolled along the avenue, sheep and donkeys joined for a slew of farm noises mixing in with the honking and other sounds of our city streets. A line of Mrs. Santa clad Rockettes happily received their performance partners, standing in uniform and smiling at the furry friends joining the annual show.

    [Photos via MeettheFamous].