Casting Call: Interested in launching a fashion line? When you cry, do you go outside? Is your dream to be screamed at by Kelly Cutrone?

by Mara Siegler · January 10, 2011

    Then you should totally apply to be on the PR maven's new MTV show!

    The network is seeking talented fashionistas/fashionistos between the ages of 18-23 for a new show featuring Kelly Cutrone. The PR grand dame will be whipping impressionable youths into shape and helping them achieve their goals of super stardom, most likely by giving them crazy tasks with impossible timelines and yelling at them. Sounds. So. Good.

    So ask yourself: "Are you're tired of hearing "no" and "it is impossible" from the people in your life? Are your parents always telling you to give up and focus on a "real" career?" Reality TV could be your answer. Apply by sending a little about yourself, why you are talented, and just why you deserve to be the next Stephanie Skinner to