Celebrating Designer Paola Hernandez Over Intimate Dinner At Los Dados

by Rachelle Hruska · August 14, 2009

    [Annabelle Vartanian admires Paola Hernandez's jewels.] Go HERE for more photos by Hatnim Lee and TAG YOURSELF and YOUR FRIENDS!

    Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of joining an intimate group of influencers and tastemakers for dinner to celebrate Mexican based designer Paola Hernandez at Los Dados. Hosted by Laura Livingston Rubin & David Gruning, it was one of the more pleasurable evenings I've had this summer. Besides meeting Hernandez, a fashion and accessory designer from Mexico City, I got the chance to talk about really important stuff, like solar power, with Brian Chase (drummer from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Uber Twitter with Max Gustashaw (principal at Aparat showroom- where you can find Paola Hernandez items), who decided to coin the phrase "EET" for when you read your tweets- as in "I just eeted your tweets!" BRILLIANT! And finally, nightlife with David Rabin, the owner of Los Dados, Double Seven, Lotus, etc. who, as president of the NYC nightlife association had some great tidbits to share...like the plans for the new Double Seven feet away from Los Dados.

    Guests included Mia Morgan, Annabel vartanian, Carrie Cloud, and Kristian Laliberte among others, and even my favorite tequila, Tanteo!

    It was truly a great dinner, with everything you could ask for: great food, good conversation, and interesting new people to learn about. Look for more from Paola, who will be presenting her collection in NYC during fashion week this September.