Celebrities Take Over New York City With The VMA's

by CARSON GRIFFITH · September 14, 2009

    If you think Fashion Week is creating a madhouse in New York City, than it was only a precursor to what the Big Apple would see once the VMA's hit up the town last night. The MTV awards ceremony is always known for it's over-the-top performances but when you have Lady Gaga covered in blood (and lace), Pink swinging from the rafters (literally), Jay-Z and Alicia Keys collaborating, and a Michael Jackson tribute that'll be one for the history books, there's a need for all the celebs to hit the town afterwards (and hit the town they certainly did). And let's not forget Kanye's already infamous snatching of the mic from Taylor Swift, who also performed, along with Janet Jackson (we're still wondering her anti-aging secret... taxidermy?).

    And where better than one of the most televised celebrity programs than the VMA's for Stephanie Pratt to show off her new nose... well, we think that was her at least. Showing off his chest in a barely button shirt was Perez Hilton (isn't it "Fashion" Week, Perez?), and DJ Cassidy was there in his signature red duds. So whose idea was it anyway to squeeze Fashion Week and the VMA's into the same time span? Well, we may never know the individual's name, but it was either a genius marketing ploy, or the worst idea ever, as the front rows of fashion shows everywhere today were filled with tired eyes and empty seats. Too much Avenue and 1Oak last night? Hey, if we have the fashion and the celebrities, where does that leave LA?

    [Photos by CHANCE YEH for PMc and show images via Zimbio]