Celebrity Designer Geoffrey Bradfield Celebrates Singature Collection At Buddkan

by SARAH MANDATO · May 19, 2009

    [Yaz Hernandez, Patrick McMullan, Kimberly Villency. All photos by PATRICK MCMULLAN (yes, the man himself) for PMc]. Yesterday at Buddakan, Geoffrey Bradfield held a dinner for his signature collection. Anne Slater, Patrick Mcmullan, Reem Acra, Zev Eisenberg and Ann Rapp nibbled on modern Asian in the Chinoiserie, while the master of "functional opulence" posed with his generally "silent celebrities," who no doubt showed brave faces to highlight that residences and offices should be beautiful even during a recession.Also out celebrating fine design after falling off my the radar for a bit was Kimberly Villency, formerly Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom. Back when I was pretending to be a Californian, Kimberly wed my local mayor (and bar owner - I so miss the Bloody Mary/pulled pork brunch magic from Balboa), San Francisco's celebrated tall drink of vodka water, Gavin Newsom. After joking that her man was well "hung," unfortunately that did not a marriage make. Kimberly packed up and shipped East permanently, concluding that "she had never signed on [to be a mayoral wife]." Well, as a fellow happy transplant myself, I'm pleased to see she's discovered what truly feeds her soul. You know, assuming she finally found true love and enjoys much more than dining in honor of high end home furnishings...

    Helena Barquet, Ramis Barquet, Geoffrey Bradfield, Helena Lehane

    Jamie Diamond, Zev Eisenberg

    Kimberly Villency, Reem Acra

    Roric Tobin, Paulina Leon

    Douglas Hannant, Frederick Anderson, June Haynes, Phil Diggins

    Sam Bolton, Lena Romanowski

    Ann Rapp, Yaz Hernandez