Charity: Water Ball 2008, This Runway's A Tough Walk

by Rachelle Hruska · December 16, 2008

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    Last night, Scott Harrison's annual Charity Water Gala at the Metropolitan Pavilion gathered 2500 guests who were all concerned about providing water to people in developing nations. Adrian Grenier played host, and musician Amos Lee performed.   Guests including   Andrew Saffir, Daniel Benedict, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Zev Eisenberg, Ashley Verrier, Bydie Bell, Lyle Maltz, Brianna Swanson, Chau Ngo, David X Prutting, Eli Mizrahi, Masha Rudenko, Esther Nash, Jenna Elfman, Richie Rich, Douglas Marshall, Keith Lissner, Tia Walker, Tim Morehouse, Jason Rogers, Olivia Palermo, and Whitney Port, didn't walk a red carpet runway....

    Scott Harrison, Emma Snowdon-JonesAdrian Grenier

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    ...Rather, they walked a runway carrying 80 pounds of water in gas tanks to symbolize how people in places like Ethiopia must carry dirty water to drink.

    [Tim and Jason Do Charity Water]

    Byrdie Bell

    Andrew Saffir, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Zev Eisenberg

    Andrew Saffir, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Zev Eisenberg

    Tim Morehouse, Richie Rich, Jason Rogers

    Tim Moorehouse, Richie Rich, Jason Rogers