Custo Barcelona Must Really Love "Saved By The Bell"

by Chiara Atik · September 15, 2009

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    Earlier this summer, we mused that someone should create a "Saved By The Bell" clothing line. Well, looks like Custo Barcelona has answered our prayers! Last weekend, he presented his Spring 2010 line, which is supposed to have been built around the concepts of movement and lightness, but seems more likely to have been built around Zach Morris...

    The bright patterns? The blazers and shirts that don't even seem to have buttons (why bother with buttons when it will never, ever, be buttoned up?) paired with 90s-esque bathing trunks and sneakers; can anyone argue that this is totally Bayside High? In fact, each Saved By The Bell character is represented perfectly with in the collection. Scroll down and be amazed.

    If the guys in NYC are wearing these looks next Spring, oh what a spring it will be!


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    Zach Morris                                      AC Slater

    Zach and AC. [via.]

    Kelly Kapowski                             Jessie Spano

    Lisa Turtle                            Screech


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