Don't Sock It To Me, Shop It To Me!

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · June 19, 2008

     Admittedly, the Shop it to Me Sales Alert has been around for a LONG TIME. For instance, I’ve been registered since 2004. That being said, this recent (recession-driven?) retail sales BONANZA occasioned a visit to my Shop it to Me profile, where I rediscovered the service. And it is a service. Go to the site and check off your favorites of over 500 brands, then check off your sizes, and voilà!

    Shop it to Me will search the websites of major retailers and send you e-mails (“sale mails,” the frequency of which you get to determine) with images and prices of items by your favorite designers on sale (e.g. discounted) online. Admittedly, I had already been to most major retailers and seen the items on sale, but in future sale seasons, I will leave it to Shop it to Me to cover that ground (and narrow things down to my sizes!), while I visit my favorite boutique websites. Can you imagine a world where Shop it to Me covered all retailers of interest? It would be too good…

    [Image via Shop It To Me]