Downtown Fashion Fundraiser At Rewind

by ANTHONY NATOLI · September 2, 2009

    In keeping with the spirit of goodwill that Fashion week brings to New York every year, Pier 59 studios and Milk studios, two of the largest and most influential fashion photography companies in the city, hosted their "Battle of the Champions" event at Rewind on Tuesday.  More story and photos below... The evening was an opportunity to raise money to benefit "The Beach Channel Lacrosse Team" and "STOKED," two non-profit programs that are fostering the safety and development of under-privileged inner-city children through athletics.  Guests including DJ Dub-L, Sinsu Co, and O'Neal McKnight came out to show their support for the organization and make donations for a worthwhile cause.

    O'Neal McKnight

    DJ Dub-L

    Allison Hanley, Sinsu Co

    O'Neal McKnight, Allison Hanley

    [Photos via Getty].