How Edie Parker's Brett Heyman Is Keeping Things Chill & Colorful At Home

by Christie Grimm · February 23, 2021

    From killer clutches to groovy home accessories to the chicest bongs you'll ever see in your life, Brett Heyman's Edie Parker empire can't be stopped!

    To celebrate her fabulous new spring collection - bursting with playful, retro pieces sure to brighten up your kitchen, living room and more - we caught up with the designer to grab her take on life in quarantine, what she's got in her stash box and how to seriously upgrade your space... 

    Where have you been hunkering down this past year? 
    At our house in Washington, CT. 

    What's been your saving grace while stuck at home? 
    Flower by Edie Parker

    What's driven you absolutely mad? 
    The lack of food options. We live in a small town with few restaurants. 

    Where did you find your inspiration for this new collection? 
    We imagined a marriage between Mary Tyler Moore and Memphis Milano.  

    If you had to pick one piece that's your favorite?  
    This watermelon bowl

    How have you been entertaining yourself? 
    With Sleepover Spray, our new CBD intimacy product. 

    Parlor game of choice? 

    Go-to cocktail to unwind with at the end of the day? 
    Titos on the rocks with half of a lime. Sometimes Patron Silver. Same preparation. 

    Candles or incense? 

    What's hidden in your stash box? 
    Cannabis. But not hidden. We made beautiful acrylic stash boxes that are meant to be displayed and enjoyed. 

    What's one easy way everyone can brighten up their home? 
    Flowers are the obvious one, but all I see is snow outside and there are no bodegas in the neighborhood. 

    Lately my children's art has been doing the trick. Also their paint-soaked hands have actually brightened up some of my walls. But I wasn't thrilled about that. 

    What's one product you'd love to make but haven't yet? 
    THC edibles. 

    [Photos courtesy Edie Parker]