Even Mannequins Have Fake Breasts

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · May 19, 2008

    MannequinsNot too long ago, we found ourselves shopping in SoHo (we shop a lot). After a pit stop at Dean & Deluca, we crossed the street and stopped dead in our tracks. We stopped to marvel at a dress on display in the window of Mystique Boutique. So there we were, standing in the middle of the sidewalk, arms pulled straight down by the weight of our bags, staring up in awe at the display. It wasn’t that the window was so creative or the dress so special; it was that the mannequin had the largest, perkiest breasts we had ever seen.

    In our youth, we had trolled the streets of Greenwich Village – 8th Street in particular – and seen our fair share of stripper stores, window displays and all. Never before had we seen such a mannequin. It was then that we came to our first realization of the day: Jonathan Switcher of “Mannequin” got a raw deal (sorry, Kim Cattrell). Eighties flicks aside, we were left wondering whether we disliked the dress or whether we just thought it was just too low-cut for such a well-endowed mannequin. Either way, we weren’t sold, but Mystique Boutique did find its way on to the pages of Guest of a Guest. And that brings us to our second realization of the day: what may seem like a marketing blunder at first may actually be PR gold. Thank you, Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton Mystique Boutique.