Everything You Need To Know: How To Wear Tights

by JESSICA SCHROEDER · October 8, 2008

    [Jessica Schroeder on her way to meet me yesterday]

    What first struck me when meeting style hound and blog writer Jessica Schroeder yesterday were her fantastic purple tights.  Tights are in fact, a prominent staple in her life.  Today, she shares with us the rules of buying and wearing tights:

    WHATIWORE GUIDE: TIGHTS By Jessica Schroeder: A simple way to take a so-so outfit to wow is by putting on a pair of opaque colored tights. I recommend going with a nylon/lyrca blend with at least 80 denier (thickness).

    I remember the first time I wore a bright pair of tights to work. When you’re donning bright fuchsia, you’re going to bring attention to your stems.  After a few compliments, I relaxed and expanded my wide color selection.

    Here’s a few ideas on how you can ease your way into colorful legs this fall:

    1. If you’re a little more conservative or shy about wearing new things (that may make you feel a little uncomfortable), take baby steps.  My suggestions are:


    dark brown



    2. If you’re a little more adventurous and can play with your dress code, try out:




    hunter green

    3. The most daring of all girls will go for:


    neon green

    neon orange


    4. Patterned tights are going to be big for fall this year as well. Follow similar guidelines as above.

    How to wear:

    The more opaque your tights the shorter skirt you can wear without looking tacky. Remember- be conscious of your work environment or atmosphere of where you’ll be wearing these babies. (I still haven’t found the guts to wear my yellow or bright green pairs)

    All of the above recommendations are from the fabulous online store We Love Color and are my personal recommendation (they didn’t pay me to write this— I just really love the selection and quality)

    In the photo of Jessica her outfit is as follows:

    Dress: vintage, thrifted, Brooklyn Flea Sweater: ancient Old Navy Gloves: Yard Sale in LA Tights: Target Booties: Payless

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