Live Forever... If Only For One Night

by KENDRA SEAY · October 8, 2008

    [Photos by JOE SCHILDHORN via Patrick McMullan]

    Wednesday night, The New Museum marked the first American installation from the collection of contemporary painter Elizabeth Peyton. Friends, fans, and devoted supporters of the arts attended the Live Forever collection to see the visual biography of the artist and her intimate narrative portrayal of pop culture with portrait after portrait of a who's who from the worlds of art, fashion, Hollywood, and politics. 

    More story and photos from this event below...

    Guests like Stephanie Seymour, Amy Astley, Debbie Harry, Alex and Aida Katz, Lisa Phillips, Nicole Davis, Jackson Pierce, Michael Roberts, and the love struck duo Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone spent the night living forever among the portraits of iconic figures from Kurt Cobain, Matthew Barney, and Sid Vicious to Jarvis Cocker and Marc Jacobs.

    Stephanie Seymour

    Nicole Davis

    Alessandra Brunialti, Paul Yager, Chris Nicklo, Thomasine Dolan Dowd, Michael Anderson, Simon Kneen

    Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone

    Kitao Sakurai and Jessica Cole

    Gina Nanni, Glenn O'Brien, Rosalie Goldberg

    Phillip Paiino and Rirkrit Tiravanija

    John Reinhold, Debbie Harry, Tony Just

    Elizabeth Peyton