FanniJo Jewels?

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · April 25, 2008

    DanniJo fakes

    Lunchtime in Midtown doesn’t usually bring many surprises outside of luxury shopping, lunches with bigwigs, random acts of violence, and celeb run-ins (i.e. movie sets). But on today’s walk to the lunchtime salad joint, I had quite the surprise. There, on 53rd Street right outside of MoMA, sitting on a tapestry-sheathed aluminum table, were necklaces resembling, if not replicating, DanniJo’s Padme Collection. And something tells me they were selling for significantly less than the originals. So sorry, DanniJo! Here’s a consolation: your originals are 1000x cooler. And what is it that they say? Ah, yes. Ripping off your stuff and diluting your brand is the biggest compliment someone can pay you. That is, unless they pay you royalties.