Fashion 26: The Hotel For Models

by ALANNA LINDER · June 1, 2010

    We’re bringing you some late-breaking news on New York’s newest tetris-esque challenge: how many models can you fit in one hotel room? Well, it will only cost you about $300 per night to find out – or you could always try befriending one of the Amazonian creatures to get past the room door, but in the event that your social skills or bank account fails you, we suggest mastering the art of using a reverse peep hole.-

    Introducing Fashion 26 , a new Wyndham Hotel in Chelsea, that has partnered with multiple modeling Agencies to offer bookers and models some sizeable discounts on a room to sleep in, with no extra fee or limit on the number of girls staying in the room. One gets the bathtub, the other the counter, four to the bed and two huddled in each corner.

    But, for a more marketable approach, Fashion 26 gives their gimmick more of a PG image with the fashionista package, where teeny boppers, lonely old men and prepubescent zit popping teenage boys are promised at least a shoulder rub with models, and maybe even a word or two in the elevator. It all sounds a little bit contrived to us – or a crime scene for a Dateline mass murder special. Although we can definitely try and understand the draw of sleeping next to a room full of models, this whole concept definitely raises a bit of a stalker/pervert red flag. Welcome to Fashion 26, a smorgasbord of bellybuttons, cigarettes and gaggles of foreign giggling girls – and the home to the creepiest lobby loiterers in New York.

    We wouldn’t be surprised if the standard greeting at Fashion 26 sounded something like “welcome to New York, here’s your room key – there won’t be any room for your luggage in the room so we’ll keep it down here. Feel free to come down in your tiniest undies to change – oh and don’t be alarmed if you hear noises coming from the closet, that’s just Bob, his fashionista package came with the ‘observe the models in their natural habitat’ option, he’s probably harmless. Enjoy your stay.”

    Up until now, the models of New York seemed to have it pretty damn easy – bookers footing the hotel bill, promoters supplying the endless vodka sodas and a pretty low grocery bill, because we all know most models don’t really eat more than oatmeal anyway, and that only runs about 89 cents per pound. Essentially, 6footeverything girls are living the good life, but this new model-hotel concept has shed some light on the real hardships of being a model in this city. Being tall and beautiful has all of a sudden become a bit of an occupational hazard – with places like Fashion 26 selling model-used pillow cases to up their ROI (we’re kidding, but that would probably be a legitimate gift shop item) these girls really need to have the cold shoulder skills to shake off the little balding men with really big wallets and shiny drool chins, the yoga knowledge to find a way to sleep fifteen to a room, or the social radar to find a really comfy promoter couch to crash on – which maybe would be a better idea after all.

    [All photos via Facebook]