Fashion May End In The Glamour Zone, But Its Beginnings Sure Are Humble

by MIKEL MCCOY · May 13, 2008

    shirtsSo in my attempt to keep out of debtor's prison, but not work a conventional 9-5, my retail friend, (aren't they just super good for tid-bits on knowledge on so many subjects?), hooked me up as a sample sale worker at the Steve Alan Show Room in downtown Manhattan.

    Yesterday was start-up, day one and consisted of arranging accessories, purses, belts, shoes and what not....folding, oh the folding...of sweaters, building clothing racks, and carrying massive amounts of boxes back and forth from show room to retail store and then breaking them down.

    Fashion may end in the glamour zone, but its beginnings sure are humble.

    Think lots of dust, loose paint chips and sugar cookie lunches Well since gofg readers are fashion mavens and in this down turned economy sales are even radder, check it out it starts Wednesday. Though I'm not at liberty to divulge all the brand for sale for cheap believe me...HOT