#FashionFriday: Nighttime Style Inspired By The Cure's "Friday I'm In Love"

It's Friday! We're in love! Our work week is over, and we've got one thing on our hearts and minds tonight: dancing. Bet you do too! So tie up those loose ends in the office, then raid a Sephora. Grab the Make Up For Ever goods in this story for that crazy-charming '90s Robert Smith look—powdered face, red red lips, black black eyes; but tone it down, of course! Then head home to change into a white crew-neck shirt and black jeans. Shoes? Tie up hi-tops or black Docs. Then head to the LES to hear some classics by The Cure, or run on up to one of our current spots, Half & Half at the Hudson Hotel, a relaxed arcade and dance hall inspired by the early '80s art-and-music scene. Head over with your crew to casually lounge to Michael Jackson and Madonna in the early evening, then stay for the late-night DJ to really dance. Click through for everything you need to throw together the perfect Friday-night look for a wild city romp.

[Photo via @ihateblonde]