Feeling The Old Time Jazz Charm With Michael Fredo

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 5, 2009

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    The Plaza Hotel, originally constructed in 1907, travelled back in time with a night of jazz performed by Michael Fredo and his quintet. June 3rd, Fredo and his quintet brought the same magical vibes to the Plaza Hotel that had previously made it such a prominent landmark and historical place in New York City.To make the evening even more special, guest drummer Marky Ramone, who is best known best for being the famed drummer of the Ramones, performed alongside Michael Fredo. The duo performed a rare rendition of "I Wanna Be Sedated" in the musical style of jazz. Fredo is an American singer-songwriter, and is socially known as the nephew of Tommy Hilfiger.

    He is no a stranger to the television industry, making random appearances on various shows here and there. Presently he is recording new matieral under the music label, Lefthook Records along with famed producer Jay Levine. Michael and his quartet will be performing at the Plaza Hotel again later this summer.  The night looked especially magical with guests experiencing "the feel of life" with dancing, cocktails, and old-time jazz charm. More pictures from this event below:

    Jay Levine, Elizabeth Hilfiger

    Michael Fredo, Marky Ramone

    Jay Levine, Tina Vaden, Lindsay Scheinberg, Ally Hilfiger

    Jay Levine, Michael Fredo

    Marky Ramone