FIT Commencement Ceremony

by Rachelle Hruska · May 20, 2008

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Sarah Jaffe

    Note from GofG: Today, we sent one of our new full time interns to cover the FIT Commencement Ceremony. We thought it would be fitting, since she herself is a rising Junior at FIT. Sarah Jaffe returned with her report:

    The definition of commencement is "a new beginning". Place the word after "FIT" (Fashion Institue of Technology) and you get the epitome of a CREATIVE new start. Today the FIT Commencement Ceremony, was held at the Radio City Music Hall, where 1,400 students became ready to begin their own new starts. The diplomas bestowed to these remarkable grads were from FIT’s Baker School of Business and Technology and the school of Art and Design. Kate Betts, editor of TIME Style & Design and former Harper’s Bazaar editor-in chief, was the guest speaker who blew everyone one away with her intriguing story.

    A story which included her move to Paris, where she would find herself working with the infamous Fairchild and proudly claiming the title as the youngest editor to take over a fashion magazine. With complete honesty, she revealed many personal defeats and triumphs. She passed along a message that was both hopeful and heartfelt, telling everyone that know matter how hard one falls, one must always get back up and keep trying. The ceremony was an exciting passage into a new beginning for all those graduating, honoring them for their hard work and achivements. I"m excited for the day I will get to walk the same steps in two years with nothing but future possibilities ahead of me.

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