What would you do to attend a garden party alongside the likes of F. Scott and Zelda? Over the weekend, hundreds of New Yorkers faced the heat and traveled back in time for the 13th annual Jazz Age Lawn Party, a roaring '20s rager that would have given Gatsby a run for his money.

Thrown by local musician and vintage lifestyle purveyor, Michael Arenella, the event returned to Governors Island for a summer kick-off full of live music, jazzy dancing, summertime sips, and, most importantly, gilded fashion statements that could make even the most tech-obsessed millennial feel nostalgic. 

With Aperol Spritzes in hand, attendees roamed the lawn, stopping to pose for real live photographers at the famous moon booth or alongside a stunning collection of retro automobiles, and take a turn on the dance floor, inspired by Arenella's own Dreamland Follies.

Shady areas of grass were packed with luxe picnic spreads as flappers and dapper gents enjoyed the summertime vibes and throwback entertainment. Click through for a look at what you missed - and don't forget to catch the next bash going down August 25th and 26th!

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