GofG's Brooklyn Weekend Itinerary

by MIKEL MCCOY · February 29, 2008

    31 under 31

    [31 under 31 exhibit via humble arts foundation]

    OK, It's technically only my official FIRST day, but I'm just going to go ahead and take the liberty of deciding what Guest of a Guest's weekend plans will be.  SO, the GofG's weekend in Brooklyn itinerary is as follows:

    delicate partyTonight we'll join in the merry making and scantily dressed kids in Williamsburg for the weekly American Apparel/Viva Radio party, "Delicate", at Hugs in the epicenter of it all. Everyone knows AA for it's colorful soft cotton basics i.e. pink boy briefs and eggplant sheer jersey chemise and softer-core porn advertisements decorating the city and contributing to the dirty thoughts of everyone from young girls to old men. Viva Radio is the internet radio station playing everything from Howlin' Wolf to Air and seems to be a very good friend of American Apparel. Party goers dressed in their pajamas will receive give aways and drink specials all night long. The party is called Delicate, though I'm sure its going to be anything but.

    Then Saturday to kick off Women's History Month, we'll be critiquing, making obscure art references, and drinking cheap beers with our friends at 3rd Ward Art Gallery for the 31 under 31: Young Women in Art Photography Show. From possible, alright probably nudity, to the celebration of young women making art this weekend on the Planet (another name for Brooklyn ya'll) this promises to be "special."

    So while Holly and the rest of the gang will be no doubt warming up fireside at Rose Bar and whatever other "Posh" spot they think is the epicenter of the universe at the moment, come cross over the bridge for a real adventure!