Golden Networking Holiday Kickoff Party

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · December 22, 2008

    [The hosts.  Photos via Edgar Perez]

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    Last Thursday, GoldenNetworking hosted its Holiday Kick-Off Party at TriBeCa’s m1-5 lounge.  Members of New York's business and social sets stepped out to toast the the launch and merrily mixed and mingled while sipping fabulous cocktails courtesy of Macchu Pisco. Candles lit up the space as well as the smiles of hosts Edgar Perez, Jennifer Jurmark, Seth Snider, Karen Salama, Prashant Palsokar, Leora Hasas and Peter Georgotas, who made everyone feel welcome, which is hard to do when your guests are elbow deep in a crowded party. Among the guests from a wide variety of business sectors were Richard Powell, Tam St. Armand, Daniel Laporte, Rebecca Aubert, Nadene Salzman, Laura Faludi, Steven Feldman, Cassandra Fox, Tom Williams, Marissa Mackey, and Kirsten Muetzel.

    More pictures below: