Does It Get More Posh Than These Faux Fur Huffs & Pillbox Hats!?

by Christie Grimm · January 29, 2021

    If you're anything like me, sometimes you kind of just want to look like a Russian oligarch's wife. You know, like a modern day Romanoff.

    With this winter in NYC turning into quite an arctic affair, what better excuse could there be to pile on the lush, luxe accessories to warm up?

    When it comes to pulling together the coziest, chicest look, UK designer Helen Moore has the most divine collection of hats and huffs. Honestly, they're life changing!

    Why wear a lazy looking slouchy beanie or muffle the world with a pair of ear muffs when you can sport these fabulous faux fur beauties?

    For a 'City Snow Bunny' look, it has to be the Ermine Huff

    For a 'Kate Middleton making a royal appearance' kind of vibe, it's the Treacle Pillbox Hat all the way.

    And for the downtown cool girl just running to the grocery store, the Blaze Huff is everything!

    You can thank us later.

    [Photo via Facebook]