Ahhhh the douchebag - a sub-species of human that seems to be multiplying like your fifth grade times tables. They don't live by the laws of nature, nor do they adhere to the laws set before them by society. The internet, reality television, and America's poor public education system have only exacerbated their rate of growth and evolution. Soon, we will be outnumbered by these horrific beasts and there will be nothing that the good people of planet Earth can do to stave off the infestation of toolishness that is rapidly sweeping the planet. No country is immune, no city is douche-free, and they keep stealing all of our women. Douchebags and Justin Bieber have bastardized the fashion industry and they must be stopped. Consider this article a call to action, for only together will we be able to rid the world of these beasts.

Everybody is different, and even though I’m not the most stylish or fashion-forward person - I know what does and does not make me look like an idiot. Browse through this list and use it as a guide on what not to wear. Additionally, this doubles as a manual meant to help you identify these repeat offenders and it will give you the power to go out and berate them publicly. Viewer discretion advised – you just might be who I am talking about. 

[Photo via @justinbieber]