If This Was The Bachelorette, This BIRTHDAY Party Would Get A Rose

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · April 30, 2008

    Devorah Rose Birthday Party Jour Et Nuit

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Alex Iravani.

    When the fabulous Devorah Rose (editor in chief of Social Life Magazine) throws a birthday party, you don\'t miss it. Or at least, I never would. Last night was Devorah\'s birthday party at (now defunct) Jour et Nuit, which was a veritable treasure trove of beauties, socials, PR mavericks, models, writers, good food, good drinks and over the top entertainment. YES, there was entertainment!! What started as a Swan Lake performance quickly broke down to an all out throw down show down with barely there outfits on ladies bumping and grinding to Janet Jackson\'s Feedback. Ballet to hip hop - count me in! The place was hopping, people were mixing and flashbulbs were going off in every corner of the room. If you were there, you know what I mean. Seriously, Mariah Carey probably couldn\'t get as many cameras at her party! Devorah kept it real like any true diva would do - there was a make up artist on hand before dinner to keep her gorgeous eyes smokey hot and she also managed to transact an outfit change after dinner (right around the time when two new photogs showed up from Manhattan Society). Two fabulous outfits, one great party. Seriously, Devorah is one of the most gorgeous women both inside and out, a fashion force to behold, a gracious hostess and so much fun that it would be impossible to find someone at the party who didn\'t have an amazing time.

    As luck would have it, Justin Mitchell showed up apres dinner with a bag filled with the Spring Issue of Social Life Magazine to hand out (Kim Kardashian\'s on the cover)...party favors, yes - everyone at the dinner table was flipping through it, seeing if they were in there. Maybe by the summer I\'ll make it into the Royal Court?? Let\'s hope.

    Guest of a Guest boogied down with favorite power duo Kelly Will and Gregory Littley, handsome designer Keith Lissner, PR sprite Kristian Laliberte, \'Essentially Emily\'s\' Emily Brill, POWER PR girl Kelly Brady, Stephanie Wei (clad in Herve Leger), Social Life Mag\'s Justin Mitchell, the BEST dancer in the place Chau Ngo, PMC Photog Extraordinaire David X Prutting, Unruly Heir\'s Morten Davidsen, Events Guru Susan Shin, SociTEA lady Tracy Stern, Rachelle Hruska, Daniel Koch, Derrick Koch, Jack Bryan, Teddy John, Sarah "Lil Red" Hay, Chelsea Gilday, Tara Ghassemieh, Jamie Korey, Andrew Brett, Oliver Barry, Joey Sanchez, Andrew Daly, Kira Bates, Liz Walker, Jared Clark, Sean Patrick Murray, and all these other hot Australian dancers and model looking types.

    I seriously did not know I could have so much fun on a Monday night and all hail the Chef because the food at Jour et Nuit is out of this world! I\'m kind of hoping Devorah makes the move to also celebrating half birthdays this year!!!