This weekend, celebutante Kourtney Kardashian stepped out with Justin Bieber at The Peppermint in L.A. The least scandalous of the Kardashian sisters has been turning more heads since her 2015 breakup with longtime boyfriend Scott Disick by revamping her image with her revenge body and sexing up her style. This weekend people were gasping for a new reason: she donned a silk pantsuit and an elegant sheer La Perla bodysuit with nothing underneath.

To the people who are clutching their pearls: A) invest in a Lili Claspe choker, pearls are for Cotillion or sit down dinners at boarding school, and B) get a grip.

Lingerie as streetwear was a burgeoning trend in the 1980s, pioneered by the likes of Madonna and Cher. Around the time of President Reagan’s incumbency, this style faded away as American culture started to become more censorious. However, lingerie as streetwear has started to make a comeback. It’s no longer limited to the boudoir with your significant other or paired with animal ears on Halloween.

Facilitated by festival style and the #FreeTheNipple trend on Instagram, cosmopolitan women have been taking lingerie back to the streets. In contrast to the radical, BDSM style of the '80s (think leather and cone bras), women have been taking on a softer, chicer look with lingerie while still maintaining their edginess. On a balmy Los Angeles day, girls have been flaunting their tan lines and yoga-toned abs by pairing distressed denim cutoffs with For Love & Lemons skivvies. In Manhattan, fashionistas can be spotted donning a chic pantsuit or leather jacket over a Cosabella bodysuit while drawing eyes to a tattoo or body piercing they may have gotten on a drunken night on St. Mark's.

Lingerie as streetwear is a fun and flirty way to toe the risqué and dance around the delicate line of controversial and elegant. It’s too beautiful to only be shown to your date, who likely won’t appreciate the embroidery of a bodysuit or the intricacy of a bondage-themed bralette because, let’s face it, he’s got other things on his mind when you’re alone together. Check out some of our favorite OOTDs from celebs who walked on the wild side while looking classy AF.