Intern Woes Direct From Bowery Street

by guestofaguest · May 21, 2008

    internsm bowey, shoppingKatie Byrnes here! I'm one of the new interns at Guest of a Guest (along with Sarah Jaffe). As the new interns, we do the normal office thing, along with keeping up with posts, events and the new Hamptons site, but today, Sarah and I have been sent out on a new mission: To find the perfect dress for Rachelle, so she can attend a wedding in the Cayman Islands this weekend in style! We're going to be sure to check out BigDrop, Olive and Bettes, and Bloomingdale's all in Soho of course, and you can bet that we will be documenting the entire trip for you tomorrow.

    This will most likely be the hardest job we've been given so far, with only a two hour window and $50 dollar budget, I'm starting to think she really has never gone shopping for herself, I guess she's so used to getting her dresses from Keith Lissner! Please send us your suggestions so we don't lose our jobs in the first week!