Interview With Mary Rambin

by guestofaguest · January 24, 2008

    mary rambin

    Yesterday, we posted on our fascination with Moë Bags and, being the obsessive freaks we are when we find something we like, we just couldn't stop there. Mary Rambin, the creator of the ingenious CLICK bag was so kind to answer some of the questions that came to our minds. This native Texan has really "gotten it". Out to enhance people's outfits AND lives by eliminating the hassle of the normal handbag. Smart girl. Also, clever enough to base the name of her bag on the acronym for evertyhing a woman needs to bring out at night: Cell phone, Lip gloss, Id, Cash, and Keys. Precisely the things on our list, though our clutches are not nearly as hot as hers...we can't WAIT to get our hands on one (in gold). Here's more from the woman that knows a thing or too about the importance of adding on the finishing touches:

    What was childhood like for you in Texas? Did you ever picture yourself being a successful designer, living in New York/L.A. and serving fabulous famous people? My parents were divorced when I was 2, but other than that I feel like I had a great childhood. My parents stayed friends and lived very close to each other. I went to a small private school. I started modeling when I was young, but soon realized it wasn’t for me (and I wasn’t getting any taller than 5’7”), so I started studying photography and dreamed of being a TV producer. Being a designer never crossed my mind. I just loved fashion for what it was.

    What did you want to be when you grew up? I truly thought I was going to be a TV producer, so I went to USC, one of the best Communications and Film schools in the country in the heart of the Entertainment industry. After 3 years of hard work (I graduated in 3), interning for one of the best up and coming production companies, I decided it wasn’t what I loved (which is unfortunate as the company now produces some of the biggest shows on TV, and the guy who started after me is now a VP). BUT, wasn’t my passion anymore, so I decided I would rather fold jeans in retail than be truly miserable.

    When did you get the idea for Moe and how did you get the business started? Where does the name come from? I saw a bag kind of like mine, but a complete piece of sh*t, and I thought, wow, I can make that amazing. So I changed the shape, used better materials, and added the finishing touches to make it a quality product. The bag is cute, but it was marketing the CLICK concept that really sold the bag. CLICK makes sense to every woman, they can relate to it. So when you combine fashion and function you make a statement.

    What exactly are you working on right now? (current projects) I’m working on a large CLICK bag, that goes over your shoulder. Should be really hot. And a unisex wallet.

    What is the best part of your job? The best part of my job is making something that enhances not only people’s outfits, but also their lives. I get emails all the time from people who really enjoy not having to hold a purse.

    How long have you known Julia Allison? Julia and I have been friends for over 2 years. I met her because a high school friend of mine was carrying a bag, and Julia HAD TO HAVE ONE, so our mutual friend put us in touch.

    Favorite place(s) in New York? My favorite place in New York is my apartment. I have been apartment hopping and leading a bicoastal lifestyle for almost 2 years, and to have a comfortable place to settle down in again is the best feeling.

    My personal style is ­­­­­­­­__________. Stylish, chic, sophisticated, overall classic with splashes of trend

    We love your popular C.L.I.C.K. bag. How did you come up with the idea for the bag and what does the name stand for? See above for idea. CLICK actually came to me in the shower! It stand for all of the stuff you need out at night that fits in the bag: Cell phone, Lip gloss, Id, Cash, and Keys. C.L.I.C.K. It also holds your digital camera as well.

    Best party you have been to in New York? The best party, oh goodness, I dated a promoter when I first moved here so I’ve seen my share of parties. Fashion week always offers great parties, and I love the Hampton's events. I’m off to a Pepsi event with John Legend performing tonight, that should be fun.

    Right now I'm obsessed with __________ Shoes, but that’s nothing new. Shoes and purses are the icing on the outfit cake. I never wear the styles that everyone is wearing, then I would look like everyone else, BORING! So I always try to find the designs that are interesting and not everyone would have the confidence to wear.

    Favorite thing to do on a Sunday in the winter? Stay inside. I’m from Texas and unless I have skis strapped on my feet, I want nothing to do with being cold.

    If I could be anywhere right now I would be ­­__________with ___________ Traveling with a man that I love. I know that’s boring, but it’s the truth.

    New Yorkers or L.A.'ers? As far as people go, New Yorkers are so much more interesting. In LA, everyone works or wants to work in TV just to say that they do. They are all egocentric and talk about the same things. Here, there is more culture. People have different jobs and interests. I love meeting people who bring something new to the table.

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In ten years, I want to be settled into a suburban house and raising my daughter (I know that’s selfish, but I really want a girl!) with a husband who rubs my feet every night. I will definitely still be working in fashion, whether that be Moe, or something else. My ambition is a driving force in my life, and I can’t imagine a time when I would never be striving for something.

    Suburban house…oh goodness, perhaps an Italian villa? Is this supposed to be realistic or my dream?? Well, with a husband who rubs my feet every day, it must be a dream.

    The person I most admire is__________ My mom. Again cliché, but no one is like my mom. She is the most genuine, thoughtful person you will ever meet. She has the confidence to be herself and the courage to always put herself in a place that makes her happy (which if you think about it, isn’t easy). And she’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

    Top 5 played songs on my ipod right now are: More Time by Needtobreath from PS I love you soundtrack City by Sarah Bareilles Headlock by Imogen Heap 24 by Jem Low by Flo Rida I hate that I love you by Rhianna