The Sartorialist Show At The Danziger Gallery

by guestofaguest · January 24, 2008

    the sartorialist

    [Photo from the Sartorialist]

    A real life story on how art imitates fashion and how fashion imitates art. We have not kept secret our immense love for Scott Schuman, one of TIME Magazine's Top 100 Design Influencer's in the World, and creater of The Sartorialist blog (the one that portrays regular stylish people around the world going about their daily lives, such as the man above on a street in Milan). Well, now we have even more to get excited about. The Times reports on the show that Scott is debuting at the Danziger Projects gallery on West 26th street. The Sartorialist was started just two years ago, and already has a large cult following, receiving upwards of 50,000 viewers per day. Not is meant to be worn, and no one captures real life fashion like Scott.